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Sorghum Supplement

Enjoy Sorghum Health Benefits with our Sorghum Superfood Supplement!

Sorghum Supplement: Sorghum Superfood Supplement

Our Sorghum Superfood Supplement contains RedSheath Sorghum™, a proprietary whole leaf blend of an ancient superfood from Africa called Sorghum Bicolor.

The healing benefits of this adaptogenic superfood include:

  • Blood building / blood moving

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Immune Boosting

  • High anti-oxidant

  • High levels of vitamin B & Omegas

  • Boosts energy and mood

  • Endocrine balance

Read more about the amazing health benefits of this superfood by downloading our Sorghum Science Brochure PDF »

Learn more about and buy our products on our homepage »

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