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Sorghum Health Benefits

There are many Sorghum health benefits! This anti-oxident superfood's benefits include: anti-inflammatory properties, immune boosting properties, blood building benefits, and helps provide energy and endocrine balance.

Sorghum Health Benefits

African shamans and priests through mysticism and inspiration discovered sorghum and used it historically for thousands of years to bring the body back to optimal health with its powerful immune and anti-inflammatory properties. Through 20 years of human clinical studies and laboratory tests, we have verified the efficacy and power of this magic plant to be a strong support for the healing of the entire body from the deep cellular level to the outermost beauty of the skin and helps the body to heal itself by utilizing the anti-oxidant power of the plant to activate healing on all levels.

Sorghum Health Benefits - Sorghum Superfood Supplement

Our family has been growing Sorghum for many generations, and we know it's healthy and helps boost immunity naturally. Sorghum Superfood (RedSheath Sorghum™) is a proprietary blend of an ancient and sacred Egyptian plant the world now calls SORGHUM BICOLOR, the 5th largest grown grain worldwide.

Our Sorghum Superfood (RedSheath Sorghum™) dietary supplement may either be taken to promote whole health or for extra support at the onset of immune system challenge. Read more about the science behind Sorghum in our brochure PDF, download it below:

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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